Randy Ruhl

P: 317.991.9137 | C: 317.319.7436 | rruhl@hilliard.com

Mr. Ruhl joined Hilliard Lyons in December, 2016. Prior to Hilliard, Mr. Ruhl gained nearly 30 years of industry experience as a public finance banker in the State of Indiana. Mr. Ruhl has served a wide range of municipal issuers including the State of Indiana, the City of Indianapolis, various public and private universities, public and private K-12 School Corporations and all levels of local municipal government issuers. Local government projects include public libraries, courthouses, judicial buildings, town/city halls, park districts, jails and juvenile centers, local public utilities and redevelopment projects with TIF. Over the last 30 years of investment banking, Mr. Ruhl has senior managed approximately 1,000 financings totaling over 4 billion of bonds. Born, raised and educated in the State of Indiana, Mr. Ruhl received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Finance from Indiana University Bloomington in May, 1979.