Mark Rawlings


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Mr. Rawlings has been the primary public finance analyst for Hilliard Lyons since 2004. He has been actively involved with or supervised the analytical work for every financing that Hilliard Lyons has been a part of in Kentucky during that time, structuring in excess of $5.5 billion of municipal bonds. Being based in the Commonwealth, where virtually all bond issues are sold competitively, his experience as financial advisor to issuers of municipal bonds has been rather more quantitatively encompassing than may be the case for some financial advisors in states that primarily use negotiated financings. Additionally, he has served as the analyst or oversaw the analytical work for all Hilliard Lyons Indiana negotiated underwritings since 2008 and all Michigan underwritings since 2012. His experience includes structuring for virtually every type of fixed-rate financing available to issuers in Kentucky and Indiana, including (but not limited to) General Obligation, Water & Sewer Revenue, Power Revenue System, TIF Revenue, Hospital Revenue and Higher Education. He routinely provides refunding analysis, of both the partial and full variety, for issuers involving transferred proceeds and parity reserves.
In addition to his work overseeing the quantitative analysis for all Hilliard Lyons Public Finance clients, Mr. Rawlings also serves as financial advisor to various issuers of municipal debt, including Western Kentucky University.
Mr. Rawlings is a 2003 summa cum laude graduate of Western Kentucky University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics. Mark also holds a CWA (Chartered Wealth Advisor).